Review of the Spearhead Case – a modern Khaki Kit

Bottom line up front? If you need a small, unobtrusive case for your razor and some blades, the only real competition to the Spearhead Case is the original Khaki Kit – and they are getting harder to find in good condition.
This short review requires a little bit of backstory.
A few years ago I bought one of the original US Army issue Khaki Kit via my favourite forum, and I’ve used ever since whenever I’m travelling either privately or for work. As such, it’s had showed up regularly in my Shave Of the Day, which is where a fellow shaver (Dennis, aka Ironbeard on twitter) spotted it and got interested in it.
In fact, he got interested enough to try to recreate it.
So much to my surprise and pleasure, he asked earlier this year if I would like one of his new cases. It arrived promptly and I’ve used it a fair bit the last few weeks, and I must say he got it pretty much spot on.

The case is about 5cm by 10cm – 2″ by 4″, same as the old Khaki Kit, and is of a more grey-green material than the old kit.

This is where I should have written a few paragraphs on how the new case is in use, but honestly there isn’t much to say.. it just works as intended, and takes almost no space in my GoBag – same as the old Khaki Kit. Simple, unobtrusive and reliable. Would easily fit in one of the pockets on my uniform if I needed to go really lightweight, although in such a case I might not have time to shave.
The old Khaki Kit was made from cotton weave, as was much of what we today would call the load bearing gear of the time. Keeping in the spirit of that, the Spearhead case is made from 1000D MilSpec nylon, much like modern load bearing gear is. The material certainly feels stronger than the old cotton do, but we’ll have to wait a century to see if it’s as durable as the original as well.

There is – apart from the materials – two noticeable changes from the old Khaki Kit to the modern Spearhead case: The straps for holding everything in is elastic bands instead of cotton straps, and there are two straps for holding the razor head instead of just one. Both changes are for the better; elastic straps means the case will hold a wider range of razors – and I suspect that Gillette would have used them in the original if they were cheaply available in 1917 – and the two straps keeps the head in much more securely since the threaded stud sticks up between the two bands, as can be seen in the photos
To me the Spearhead case is a perfect match for any shavers who wants or needs a convenient, neat, unobtrusive and reliable way to carry a three piece safety razor and a tuck of blades – be it military, law enforcement, first responders, blue collar or businessmen (or ladies; a safety razor works greats on legs too). If you carry your shaving gear, the Spearhead will keep it safe for you.
You can pick up one for yourself at, for a quite reasonable price too, either by itself (25$) or along with a Parker 91R three piece razor (50$). Dennis don’t ship outside the US yet – international shipping is a hassle as I’m very well aware – but Maggard also stock the cases and will ship abroad. I would recommend buying direct from Dennis if you live in the US though, I’ve always preferred buying my supplies from as close to the source as I can.

For me the Spearhead case is a worthy heir to the Khaki Kit. It only took a century, but it turns out the best replacement is a recreation in modern materials… so now my original Khaki Kit will be reserved for more formal occasions and private travels, while the Spearhead Case will be on active duty.

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