Heel-tastic – foot rescue in stick form

To paraphrase my sergant in boot camp; Take care of your feet and your feet will take care of you…

Wearing marching boots all day at work can be pretty rough on your feet, and my feet were getting pretty nasty… dry, cracking and generally sore. Not a pretty sight, and just filing and lotion before bedtime didn’t do much. But then my beloved wife spotted this:

While the name is a bad pun and the ingredient list is full of stuff you definitely don’t want in your shaving soap, it actually works very well. While my feet ain’t baby smooth by far and I still need to grind the hard skin off every evening, all the crack and a lot of the soreness is gone.

If you have cracking heels and dry feet, and if you can find it, definitely give the Heel-tastic a chance. It helped me enough that I’m devoting space in my GoBag for a stick of it.

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