Initial thoughts on TheLavishGentleman’s charcoal mask: a little goes a long way…

As I mentioned the other day I got a free charcoal mask from The Lavish Gentleman with my order of cleansing oil. I tried some on Tuesday, and I tried it again today… so while it’s way to early to make a review, it’s not to early to share some first impressions.

Firstly, this mask is a lot more liquid than I expected… based on previous experience I expected a paste like consistency, but this stuff is closer to an aftershave balm.

Secondly, it stays quite flexible when it’s dried… I have no problems talking, eating and drinking coffee, with no fear that the mask would flake of.

Thirdly, it washes off really easily… no hard scrubbing, no need to use soap. A hot shower and a wash cloth is all I needed.

And lastly… a little goes a long way. I only planned to do my “T-sone” today, but since you can’t put it back in the pot once it’s on your finger it became more of an O-zone…

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