Box arrived from BullGoose

My box of goodies arrived from Phil at BullGoose, all items packed safe and arrived in good shape – despite the Norwegian Postal Service doing what they do best and scuffed the box up good.

The fit and finish of the aluminium soap bowl and the Asylum Evolution is better than I expected, and I was expecting a lot after reading other peoples review of the two items. The BullGoose Bowl has an almost perfect seal; I have to push the lid down against the internal air pressure, and taking the lid off results in a satisfying pop as the air rushes back in…

While I’m not a machinist per see, I do have a passing knowledge of working steel and aluminium. The level of skill and attention to detail evident in both the razor and the bowl easily justify the asking price of both in my opinion, and if the razor shaves half as good as it looks and feels in my hand, I’m in for a treat!

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