Review of Pereira Shaving lathering bowl

If you buy Pereira Shaving’s soap, you have the option of buying it as a kit with the soap and a lathering bowl. Costs a bit more than just the soap, but the lathering bowl should last forever. As mentioned before I was lucky enough to receive a very generous sample of Pereira Shavery products, including the lathering bowl, and I feel that the bowl is nice enough to warrant its own review.

It’s not a large bowl – the interior measures about 10 cm (4″) across and 6 cm (2⅓”) deep – so it fits nicely in the hand while making lather. The downside of the handy size is that it can be a little cramped to whip up lather in… it’s a compromise as everything else in life. It is the first scuttle / lathering bowl I’ve have tried that comes with a brush rest built in, which is a detail I found very handy – both my largest and smallest brushes rests comfortable on it when dry, and if they do fall they will fall into the lather and not onto the bathroom floor.

Since I received it I have found myself reaching for the Pereira Shavery lathering bowl more often than not, even when not using their soap. It does what it’s supposed to do, the ceramics do retain heat to some extent, and it fits in my hand. I can see myself moving back to my scuttle when the weather turns and it gets colder again, but for now I’ll stick to the bowl.

Can I recommend getting one of these bowls? Yes, but as far as I know you can only get it if you also buy the soap. Mind you; I also like the soap enough to recommend that by itself, so it’s not necessarily a bad thing – just something to be aware of.

The listed retail price is 52,- € for the soap and bowl combination if you buy directly from Periera, which to my mind isn’t a bad price considering what you get for your money. If you contact Pereira by email before the 31th May this year and use the code WW10% you should receive a discount, more details on that in another post.

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