The alpha and omega of a good shave

The one major lesson I learned after taking up traditional wetshaving is that good prep-work is alpha and omega. A great shave is built on a good prep, just like a good house is built on solid fundations, and to me prep-work includes everything you do up until the blade touches the skin.

  • I wash my face vigorously, preferable with Dr Bronner Soap. Some days – if I notice unclean skin or hints of razor burn – I use my Clarisonic face brush thingy.
  • I rinse off all the soap. Absolutely all, since soap left on the skin can ruin the lather for me.
  • I build my lather, using my choosen brush and shave soap. Some soaps requires light loading, some heavy.. some like a dryish brush, others needs it soaking wet.
  • I rinse my face again.
  • I apply the lather… getting good coverage over every part of my stubble with at least a centimeter over-coverage.
  • Then, and only then, do I reach for my razor.

You don’t build your house on sandy ground if you want it to remain standing, and you don’t shave without doing your prep if you want a damn fine shave. Simple as that.

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