Cold River Soap Works’ Glide Morning Ghost Cream – initial thoughs

Recently I got PIFed a tub of CRSW Glide Morning Ghost Cream Soap – thank you again Ricardo, for thinking of a European cut off from american artisan soaps by steep postage and import fees – and so far I’m pretty impressed. The scent is unique among my soaps; it’s my only vetiver soap so far.

If my fellow shavers on my favourite shave forum is anything to go by, Larry at CRSW have pretty much nailed it with the formulation for his GLIDE base – everyone seems more than pleased by the soaps qualities as a shave soap – the scents are more of a VMMW, but I can say with confidence that as far as my nose goes (and my Better Half’s too) he nailed it with Morning Ghost – I can’t speak for his other scents.

My first attempt with it taught me two things; load sparingly, and it’s a thirsty soap. Thick, heavy, slick lather, almost like putting toothpaste on… great post shave feel though, so thumbs up there.

Second go around was with more water and less soap, yet the lather was still thick, heavy and veeery smooth as I painted it on. The scent really opens up when it’s on the skin by the way.
Third time I think I dialed in the water fairly nicely, and loaded lightly too. Still got an explosion of creamy, lovely and smooth as cream lather.
So… is CRSW Glide worth getting? I would say a definite yes – it’s different than any of my other soaps, but in this case it’s good to be unique. If you can get your mitts on some, do it.
Is the Morning Ghost worth getting? Scent is definitely one of those Your Mileage May Vary things, but both my Better Half and myself agree that Morning Ghost is a pleasant scent. Not to heavy, not to light. Down to earth wood and citrus. I like it, and you might too.

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