Free samples – a great way to try scents

If your Better Half is halfway serious about make up and related products all is not lost if you go shopping with her, far from it.
Be patient, interested, pay a bit of attention and offer helpful suggestions… and Lo! free samples will come your way from the shop assistants, because they are trilled and overjoyed by a guy who isn’t moping in the corner looking like he hates his life!
If you keep frequenting the same shop on a regular or semi-regular basis, the employees will remember you, and also recall what samples you have gotten already – so you don’t end up with ten of the same – and will also ask your opinion on the samples you received so they can narrow the selection of new samples to offer… or offer you things that matches, like when I received matching Eau de Perfumes to a pair of shower gels I had already gotten.

I’ve built up a modest scent archive of samples so far by the simple expenditure of taking in interest in something my Better Half enjoy. Not only does it mean I get to spend more quality time with her, but so far I’ve also found at least two perfumes I would enjoy receiving for a birthday or Christmas.
And as an added bonus I know I can go to that shop my Better Half prefers, smile at one of the girls working there and know that if I ask for suggestions for a make-up item or scent I can give as a gift to my Better Half, they will hook me up with something that my Better Half will enjoy receiving and using.
It’s a win-win-win all around!

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