First impressions: Tactile Turn Slider

As part of the amazing care package Phil of BullGoose sent me, I received a Tactile Turn Slider.

It’s a pen that is a somewhat radical departure from what I usually write with, I tend to be a mechanical pencil and disposable ballpoint kind of writer… and the Tactile Turn Slider is a beautifully machined and heavy piece of brass.

Interesting points to note:

  • The box it came in is the same kind of box I usually see machinist drill bits and reamers come in, which makes a lot of sense since it comes from a machinists
  • The seam between the upper and lower portions of the barrel is not noticeable until you unscrew the pen
  • The tolerances of the moving parts are so fine that the top cap acts as a pneumatic buffer when you close the pen, thus stopping the parts from slamming
  • The clip is significantly stronger than expected, something I believe will help the pen stay put in my pocket

I’m planning to use the Tactile Turn as my my not taking pen the next few weeks as I attend a class, and will report back later with more impressions.

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