Schick “Lady Eversharp” – first impressions

Short version; Nice shave.

Longer version; Why didn’t I try an injector before?

Well, I know why… I was too busy enjoying my DEs. But after I started to dabble in SEs, I decided to keep half an eye out for an injector. A few weeks ago a few NOS (New Old Stock) Schick razors came up for sale on my favourite shave forum, and after mulling it over for a short while I took the plunge.

Bright yellow and cheerful this time traveller from the 70’s is allegedly meant for a Lady, but I’m secure enough in my manliness to use whatever razor that comes to hand to hack of my beard… that, and the only real difference from a regular Schick is as far as I can tell the colour and shape of the handle.

I got delayed in trying it; first I had to wait for blades to arrive (I plan to keep the two vintage blades it came with, partly because I would hate to fall in love with a blade I can no longer get), then I had to get quite a bit of travelling for work out of the way. Since all indications is that injector blades lasts for more than a week, I want time to wear a blade out in one go without interruptions.

First shave was… remarkable unremarkable. About every other razor I’ve tried so far requires a little adjustment of angle, or some other adjustment… some have even been really nippy or downright angry. I assumed that like most SEs the Schick Lady Eversharp would be happiest if I placed the head flat against my skin, and it just worked. Simple as that.

The first shave with the Schick: Proraso blade, Brutalt Bra soap, Wilkinson Sword Badger brush, Myrsol Balsamica aftershave… and a Damn Fine Shave at the end of it all.

Bottom line? Try a Schick – it’s a good razor.

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