Shaving cream applicator

Canned goo can be messy… as can brushless creams. But fear not, Mr P Solaini’s patented shaving cream applicator was invented to solve that problem – if a problem it is.

It is well known that when the spreading of lotions to the face or body requires the use of the hand the operation is both wasteful and extremely messy. Brushes have been used for this purpose, however they are not satisfactory in applying an even coating of the lotion or shaving cream to the face or body and, additionally, such brushes are extremely expensive.

So far Mr Solaini… my experience is that brushes are just the thing for applying an even layer, and there are a large number of great-but-inexpensive brushes available 50 years after the patent.

[B]rushes … do not readily adapt themselves to the wide variety of lotions and shaving creams now available to the consumer. … The gaseous bomb dispensed lotions, creams or shaving soaps are soft and require gentle application to the skin while the creams dispensed in jars or tubes are much thicker…

Okay, you got us there – a shaving brush is often not that great for the canned goo. So what is the solution?

…the present invention comprises various forms of a rubber or plastic material applicator which is fiat in conguration and either an integral handle member or an adjustable handle member cooperating with slot and gripping means on the applicator to provide different forces and angles of applying a spreading force from the hand to the spreading end of the applicator.

 Uhm… that is a spatula. I got several in my kitchen drawer but while it might be just the thing for not making a mess from the canned goo, I really don’t see how I can use it to whip up a good lather from a tube of shaving cream.

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