Disposable combination razor and shaving cream dispenser

Following up on last weeks invention, today I found a similar concept utilizing an “aerosol actuated push button shaving cream dispenser” – better known as canned goo.

Or to quote the abstract:

A disposable combination razor and shaving cream dispenser having an aerosol actuated push button shaving cream dispenser and a non-removable cap having a razor blade at the upper end and a pushbutton adapted to engage the push button of the dispenser. In this manner, the dispenser body may be used as a handle when shaving and the cream may be dispensed without removing the cap from the dispenser as needed to be applied by the hand into which the cream is dispensed.

This patent is a couple of years younger than last weeks, and despite using canned goo it does fix one potential issue with the previous one; the razor and the goo is both happening at the same end of the handle, instead of opposite ends.
Like most oddball shaving patents I find this one too has lapsed. I suspect the combination of an overly thick handle and having to throw the razor away when you ran out of canned goo limited it’s marketability.

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