Device for razor and toothbrush containing shaving cream dispensers therein

Are you too tired in the morning to remember to use both your razor and your toothbrush? Is travelling with two things too much, not to mention having to remember to bring both shaving cream and tooth paste? Worry not, even the terminally lazy can shave (and brush their teeth) with this wonderful 1987 invention by Mr Kyu H. Kwak!

A razor and toothbrush assembly comprises a body member having chambers disposed therein and handles slidably disposed thereon, the chambers containing shaving cream and toothpaste dispensers disposed therein whereby shaving cream and toothpaste disposed in the shaving cream and toothpaste dispensers are dispensed from the shaving cream and toothpaste dispensers by pressing the handles against the shaving cream and toothpaste dispensers, respectively.

If that legalese from the patent was a little hard to understand, let me put it in simpler words:

A handle, with a razor head on one end and a tooth brush on the other. In said handle, room for two tubes of shave cream and tooth paste respectively. Internal passages that let you squeeze tooth paste into the tooth brush, and shave cream out of the razor head. And that’s about it.

To me it seems more like a novelty item, or possible something the airline gives you when they loose your luggage, but it might have a niche as a travel product for people who love to travel light. Not sure how good of a shave you would get by applying shave cream directly to the razor though.

Just make sure you don’t mix up the tubes… tooth paste probably gives lousy shaves, and shave cream is not tasty. Speaking of mixing things up, you better make sure you’re awake when using it as well; while I joke about taking the fur of my teeth from time to time, I’m fairly sure I don’t want to jab a razor in my mouth.

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