Dabbling in the dark side

A fair number of fellow shavers over on my favourite shave forum thinks that the BiC Sensitive is pretty good razors for being plastic disposables… so when I spotted a bag over at our local tools / work clothes / household goods store for a little more than a bottle of soda, I had to pick it up.

Having used one for a week, I’m somewhat on the fence about them. They are not horrible in the way that carts are for me, in other words no shave bumps and rashes, but they feel fairly flimsy and way too light… probably to be expected from disposables costing next to nothing, but it does mean I can’t find a space for them in my den.

I’ll give another one a go next time I’m travelling. If I don’t like them for that use, I have free razors to hand out to the conscripts that shows up unshaven on mondays and claims to have forgotten their razors at home…

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