Hand cranked shaving brush

Like shaving with a brush? Don’t like rubbing it on your face, or annoyed that the modern shaving brush only requires one hand to operate? Then look no further, Mr Max Shers 1906 patented hand cranked shaving brush is just what you need!

The combination of a frame having a handle, a wheel in the frame, a brush having a projecting stud at the back, eccentrically connected to the wheel, a pair of wheels geared together and having crank pins, a bar connecting the pins and having a bearing through which the stud extends, and means to turn the wheels.
The combination of a cupped casing having a handle connected at one side thereof, a wheel in the casing, a brush eccentrically connected to the wheel, so that as the wheel rotates the brush revolves, a hand crank on the back of the casing, a pair of wheels geared together and connected to the crank, and having projecting studs, and a cross ball having a pivotal connection to the studs and the brush.

The gear train shown on the patent drawing will give the brush an interesting, mesmerising motion at least – it will rotate around it’s own axis, while at the same time orbiting the centre of the brush frame. In short, it is a spirograph for your face.

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