Easy clean shaving brush

Does rinsing your brush out take too long? Is is simply too difficult to get all the soap out? Then what you need is Mr Thomas W Boyle’s patented shaving brush from 1927!

It is an important object of this invention to provide an improved simplified type of shaving brush the handle of which is hollow and is adapted to have one end thereof removably engaged on the mouth of a faucet to admit water into the handle, while the other end of said handle is provided with a passaged brush head through which the water is adapted to be forced under pressure between the brush fibres to thoroughly wash and rinse the same after a shaving operation.

 It seems that Mr Boyle figured the hollow handle was important, and that it was also important to note that the brush engaged the mouth of a faucet… the claim is repeated three times over the space of three short paragraphs in the patent.

Had this been invented today it would probably been marketed via late night infomercials and be labelled “As seen on TV!”, it just gives of that vibe… in the mean time I’ll just have to rinse and shake my brushes.

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