Big Red Beard Beard Oil

Beard oil… it’s hair oil for your beard!

Those of us who sports a spiffy goatee in addition to our clean shaven neck and cheeks knows just how frazzled and worn the individual strands can get. That is where beard oil (and beard balm) comes to the rescue… it hydrates, styles, fights some of the reasons I get dandruff, and  helps me keep my goatee soft and tangle free.

I selected Big Red on the recommendation of an online friend, and I’m very happy with the beard oil – the scent is woods-y and workshop-y. On their website, they describe it as:

Chopping wood, greasy axels and working in the shop. Smell like you’ve just emerged from the forest after hunting for your own dinner.

If you sport a beard or moustache, you can probably benefit from beard oil. While my sample size is one right now, I think you could do a lot worse than picking up some Big Red Beard Oil – they sell small bottles as well, so you can test them easily.

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