Fountain shaving brush

Back in 1931 Mr Isaac S Mathieu  and Mr Frank B Springer patented a fountain shaving brush… an improved fountain shaving brush no less, meaning someone out there patented at least one earlier one. The idea is much like the shaving brushes for canned goo I blogged about last week, in that the shaving cream should be applied directly to the brush with little in the way of mess.

The principal object of our invention is to provide a shaving brush having a hollow handle with cream dispensing means therein so constructed to t directly inside a tube of shaving cream inserted in the handle, whereby to dispense the cream therefrom, or operate simply inside the handle when the same is filled with cream, as by emptying a tube therein. This makes the brush independent of use with any particular sized tube, and the user can employ his favorite cream without regard to the size of tube.

Judging by the drawing, it’s a shaving cream syringe attached to a brush…  would make for an awesome travel brush, if anyone feels like setting up a production line.

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