FaceBook users gives Gillette apiece of their mind

Social media… one of my pet peeves, but sometimes even FaceBook can deliver comedy gold:

Gillette posted a picture on their photostream (is that even the right word?) celebrating* 110 years since their first patent… the comments on it probably isn’t quite what they have hoped for:

The one from 1904 works better

I prefer the 1904 model

The tagline should read: look how we have ruined a perfectly good and cost effective design for 100 years!

And yet the razor from 110 years ago is far superior.

Thanks Gillette. You’ve helped me find a new razor. I will now be buying a Merkur 1904 model from Amazon…

*) “celebrating their first DE safety razor” must be corporate speak for “shilling their new wobbly plastic wonder”…

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