Review of the Yoresh scuttle

About seven weeks ago, the scuttle I ordered from Yoresh on Etsy arrived. Since then, I’ve used it for the majority of my shaves.

It performs well – the fact that I have used it for almost all my shaves is a testament to that.

The bowl is slightly shallow, but a deeper bowl would mean a much larger scuttle overall, so it’s a trade off that is worth it in my opinion. The patterning in the bottom helps building the lather, even more so if your brush is springy with lots of backbone.

It retains the heat well when I fill it with hot water, and even without water it stays warm to the touch for quite some time – the thich walls gives it quite some thermal mass. The downside of that is that it needs time to preheat as well… again, a trade off that is worth it.

Bottom line, if you’re in need for a scuttle, a Yoresh might be just the thing.

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