Shaving eBooks

I have recently bought myself a Kindle Paperwhite, and I am rather pleased with the device. For a lark, I checked out what Kindle books there is to buy:

Leisureguy’s Guide to Gourmet Shaving
I have this one in dead tree format. Recommended.

SAFETY RAZOR SHAVING: The Ins And Outs, Dos and Don’ts
Shave Like A Man: How To Save Money On Shaving Products And Get The Best Shave Of Your Life
Shaving Secrets Revealed: How To Shave With A Straight Razor And Get The Best Wet Shave Of Your Life
The Complete Beginners Guide To Shaving Brushes by Mens Shaving: Shave Great. Feel Amazing.
OLD SCHOOL SHAVING: Safety Razors, Straight Razors, Shaving Soaps, Shaving Brushes, Alum Blocs, Etc
All of these are unknowns to me… so for now they go on the wish list.

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