Short review of GEM Micromatic Clog Pruf

Manufactured by the American Safety Razor Company between the 1920’s to 1940’s, the GEM Micromatic is a all metal twist-to-open single edge (SE) razor. The model I have – thanks to a generous PIF from a fellow shaver – is a Micromatic Clog Pruf that was introduced ca. 1934.

The Micromatic takes standard GEM single edge blades, and like all TTO’s changing blades is a breeze – just drop them in and close the hatch

It is perhaps the best performer of my small selection of SE-razor, but like the GEM 1912 and the Ever-Ready 1914 extra care has to be taken with the angle of the razor. As with the other SE-razors I got the best results when the top of the head was flat or almost flat against my skin.

The Micromatic is made out of plated brass, as far as I can tell. While mine is assuredly ‘user grade’, the plating still allows for a smooth slide over the skin, meaning it’ll work well with pretty much any lather I have.

Can I recommend a Micromatic? Oh yes – I think it’ll makes for a very nice introduction to the world of single edge shaving, as long as you remember to watch the angle.

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