More camphor soaps

A bit over a year ago I mentioned “Fan medicated soap” here on my blog… and while the scent of it grew less over the months, so did the bars I had. So I had to get more camphor soap, since it actually works well on my legs and keeps my feet reasonable happy while wearing combat boots all day long.

Shopping around, my Better Half found us a good deal on Shanghai Yaozao soap – an antibacterial soap with camphor… so now I have a dozen bars in stock, which should last… oh… six years or so?

In use the Yaozao is very much like the Fan – so much so I suspect it’s the same soap (it is from the same factory) in a different box.
If your feet is unhappy, and you can deal with the camphor smell, I suggest getting some – although you might want to try one bar before buying a dozen.

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