Review of Prairie Creations KISS Cream

Some time ago I bought some KISS Cream from Prairie Creations, and while I use it only infrequently it is not because it’s a substandard product. On the contrary it’s a very nice cream, but I ordered it with tea tree oil for those days my face needs that.

The KISS cream is simple and straightforward… just as it says on the label. And while it can be somewhat hard to get out of the jar, Krissy sent a spoon along with the jar to help dish it out.

The cream is not tallow-based but the main ingredient is aloe vera juice, so there is plenty of skincare to be had – even more so when combined with the tea tree oil, which is claimed to have antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal and antiseptic properties.

Being a rather stiff cream – or possible croap – it can be a little tricky to lather, and in my experience it’s best done in a bowl. It also needs a little more water than you might expect, but once the lather is done it’s working well. Plenty of slip and cushion, and as mentioned the skin care is very nice too. It also stays fluffy – I had to leave my den once to see what the cat was up to, and the lather was just as good when I returned.

Overall I can recommend the KISS cream – it’s simple and straightforward.

PS: Some people online reports a bit of trouble shopping with Prairie Creations; that is the near opposite of my experience. Yes, it can take a bit of time from you order until it’s shipped – but it’s artisan soap, not a big company. It’s worth the wait.

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