Quck review: Rise Shave Gel

I received this a a PIF, not that long after I joined up on my favorite shave forum, and I honestly wasn’t impressed with it… because I failed to realise at the time that brushless creams are meant to be used without a brush.

If used with a brush Rise Shave Gel gives a crap shave and a gunked up brush… Used properly however, it has plenty of glide, decent moisturising abilities and almost no cushion. It also leaves less of a mess in the sink that using a ‘proper’ lather do, so that’s a point in it’s favour.  The smell of it might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s mild and inoffensive so it shouldn’t bother anyone terrible much.

Overall it has grown on me – not for everyday use, but for a quick and less messy shave it works well. it would also be a good choice for travellers, since you won’t have to bring a brush.

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