Quick review – GzD shave stick

Some time ago I picked up a GzD shaving stick, partly to bulk out an order from Turkey and partly because I suffer from various Acquisition Disorders… like many shavers do.

It is natural to compare and contrast the GzD against the one Turkish stick ‘everyone’ knows; the Arko stick – it don’t matter if you love it or loathe it, it seems everyone has an opinion on it.

The GzD is just as good at making lather as the Arko is, it’s a bit softer so it might be easier to bash into a bowl if you’re not a face latherer. The scent is not nearly as strong as a freshly unwrapped Arko, and reminds me more of an Arko stick that have been left unwrapped for a month or two.

The GzD gives decent glide and cushion, and can be recommended if you just can’t handle the scent of the Arko. It seems to in general be more expensive than the Arko though, and it comes without a wrapper in a card board box – the box don’t stand up to much abuse, and I had to wrap mine in some parchment paper so I could handle it better.

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