Pleased and a little horrified

I was out shopping the other day, when I stumbled over something in the non-food section of my local grocery store:

Pleased because even if all they have is canned goo and multi blade horrors, they do now have shaving brushes. A little horrified because frankly… how good can a no-brand brush that cost 49.90 (approx 8.50USD) be, considering that that’s ever so slightly more than you’ll pay for a Big Mac?

Still, they offer a “quality guarantee” for it, so it can’t be half bad… no listing on the back as to the materials used in it, so it’s anyone’s guess as to what the hairs are – cheap boar, nylon, leftover paintbrushes… Still, it’s on the shelf now – so that’s an improvement. All they need to do now is to start stocking proper shaving soap or cream, as well as some proper safety razors and blades.

Suggestions from my favourite shaving forum  points towards this being a re-badged Marvy brush – or both Pfeilring and Marvy get it from the same third-party supplier – if so it might be a pretty scratchy boar brush. I might just have to give it a try… or maybe not.

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