Are you content?

Krampers – all around swell guy and the brain behind what might be best Bay Rum aftershave money can buy – asked the question on my favorite shave forum yesterday; “Is anyone else content?

At first I didn’t quite get what he was asking, but his well written little piece slowly bumped my gray matter into motion… Gut reaction was “off course I am”.. but as I was reading I started to wonder… Given that I still keep an eye out for more razors, more brushes, more soaps and more blades.. am I content? Could I stop acquiring more gear for my den RIGHT NOW and be happy with my shave?

I wont stop keeping an eye out for treasures, but with the question is rephrased like that I realised that I am truly content with my shaves these days. More than content, in fact I am looking forward to my morning ritual; in sharp contrast to the situation back before I took up traditional wetshaving with brush, soap and a DE razor. What used to be a chore has become a peaceful breathing space in my life. What was best avoided or at best rushed trough has become something to look forward to and to enjoy.

New razors will most likely be procured – not because I believe it’ll will give me a better shave, but because it’ll add a bit of variation to my shaves. New soaps will be tried – not because I’m unhappy with the two dozen or so soaps and creams I have, but because trying soaps is fun. A new brush or two will find their way to my den at some point – not because the brushes I have now don’t make good lather, but because I think I might enjoy trying a mid-range horse or a pure badger. New after shaves… actually, no – Kramperts Finest is too good to change.

So yes, I AM content. New gear will arrive in due time, but that has more to do with the fact that I am a tinkerer at heart. I am content with my shaves, secure in the knowledge that I enjoy shaving a lot more than most people ever will.

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