Quick review of Prairie Creations Walter’s Shaving Soap

A little while back I bought a puck of Walter’s Shaving Soap from Prairie Creations. It is meant as her take on the in/famous Williams Shaving Soap, which apparently is one of those you either love or loathe – I’ve never tried it, so I can’t tell you how the Walter shape up against the original.

The Walters is a fairly hard puck of soap, requiring a fair bit of loading to get enough on my brush. It makes a nice, thick creamy lather with plenty of glide and cushion – and it stays nice and creamy too; no collapse or drying out. The Walters could be a bit more moisturising, and the lemon scent is definitely not going to be everybodys cup of tea – in fact, this is the only soap my Better Half insists that I keep in a closed container.

Overall you can do a lot worse than a puck of Walters – I got some better soaps, but they cost a fair bit more.

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