Quick review of Prairie Creations KISS cream

A while back I bought – among other things – a jar of KISS Cream from Prairie Creations. It’s the first cream I seen that requires a spoon – but then it has a consistency more commonly found among creams in tubes.

Overall I’m very happy with it; the tea tree oil it is “flavoured” with is neither too strong nor too weak, the lathers has plenty of glide and cushion, but…every rose has it’s thorns, and in the case of Krissy’s KISS cream it is that it is rather picky when it comes to how much water I add. Too little and the lather collapses during my first pass, too much and it gets all runny – and the line between not enough and too much is very fine. In my opinion this means it’s best suited for those of us who lathers in bowls, as opposed to those who face lathers, but as always YMMV.

Spend some time with it and get a good lather tough, and the KISS cream will reward you with a comfortable and well scented shave – and if you’re willing to work with it I can recommend Krissy’s KISS cream.

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