The rest of the body – camphor soap

While the focus on this blog is – naturally – the lower half of my face, I do try to take care of the rest of me as well.

My latest effort in that regard is a bar of “Fan medicated soap”, a Chinese soap which is heavily spiked with camphor. It’s supposed to “helps troublesome skin conditions and clears away jealousy, evil spirits, and unnatural illness”*, which I suspect is just what my feet needs from being in combat boots all day.

Packaging is simple; small plastic bag in a bright red Art Deco styled cardboard box that’s quite stricking. No list of ingredients, but it certainly have no lack of camphor.

The scent of it is strong – to the point where I think we’re going to have to keep the bar in a tupperware – but not unpleasant. The bar don’t lather easily but by using my hairy legs in much the same way I use my stubble to get soap of a shavestick, I made it work. At least it rinsed off easily…

It made for squeaky clean feet that smells of camphor… somehow I think the scent will linger for a  few hours.

*) All according to the website my Better Half got it from – it’s available elsewhere, but not from many places that ships to Norway.

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