Quick review – Aubrey Organics North Wood shaving cream

This has been sitting in my den for a while, not getting much use because I just couldn’t get it to lather properly – which I though was a shame since I really like the scent it has.

As they say, well, duh! A bit of digging recently showed me that this is a cream meant to be used with no brush… so no wonder I couldn’t whip it into a lather – it’s simply not meant to do that, so adding water to it and whipping it just made it runny.

Using it the way it was intended to was a significant improvement, but it can’t compare to proper lather in my opinion. Plenty of glide, fairly moisturizing and a pleasant scent… but no cushion at all. Nada. Zip. In that regard it was little different than shaving with just water.

For a brushless cream it’s decent enough – so if you’re in the market for that you could do worse than picking it up. For a proper ‘at home’ shave with a brush and enough time to use it…. no.

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