Cheap brushes and how they are made

Another backdated post – such is life.

One of the members over at my favorite wetshaving forum pointed us all to a little thing he wrote about cheap brushes and how they are NOT made by machine. The discussion it sparked is an interesting read as well.

It’s an interesting read – I did honestly assume that cheap and cheerful brushes were at least machine assembled, even if I did assume (correctly in that instance) that the hairs were graded by people. And while machine made brushes might hold true for the ones made with man made fibers*, it’s apparently not true when it comes to boar and badger brushes.

I guess that even in 2012 labour is cheap enough in China to not make it worthwhile inventing a knot-making machine…

*) Not to far fetched an idea; some of the really cheap brushes are made with nylon – all the softness and backbone of a painters brush…

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