The cutting edge – one line reviews of blades

I’ve been trying out various blades in my various razors, and so far this is the ones I remembered to make notes about, ordered alphabetically:

  • Astra Superior Platinum: A blade with a well deserved reputation, smooth and sharp and suited for every razor I’ve tried it in.
  • BiC Chrome Platinum: Okayish for the first shave, horrible on the second go. Firmly off my list.
  • Feather Hi Stainless: A wicked sharp blade that performs well in any razor, but is best tamed by my Feather Popular.
  • Gillette Goal Stainless: Works rather well in my 22R and 39C – four shaves and still smooth.
  • Laser Super Platinum: Middle to bad blade – sharp enough, but not very smooth. A decent choice if no better blade is available.
  • Lord Platinum: Works very well in my 39C, my 985CL and my 22R.
  • Racer Super Stainless: A middle to good blade, depending on the razor. Worked better in my Parker 22R TTO and in my Racer razor than in my Merkur 39C Slant, no tugging but not the smoothest blades out there.
  • Shark Super Chrome: A middle of the road blade in my 22R and 39C – but gives a very good shave in my Merkur 985CL open comb travel razor. Also works well in the cheap YUMA razor.
  • Treet Platinum Super Stainless: A Pakistani made blade that works well in my 25C open comb and my 958CL. Well worth looking into.
  • Willikins Sword: Shaves well in any razor, especially so in my 39C slant.
  • Zorrik Super Stainless: A pretty decent blade, works fine in my Yuma and 985CL.

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