Quick review of Col Conk’s Bay Rum

Col Conk’s Bay Rum was my first exposure to bay rum – and it’s very, very different than the scent of Krampert’s Bay Rum… not to put too fine a point to it, the scent is markedly inferior to Brian’s wonderful aftershave. It is not that Col Conk smells bad – far from it – it’s just that Krampert’s smells better…

That aside, the soap is pretty good for being a glycerin based soap – it lathers easily and abundantly, the lather has decent slip and cushion, and the lather don’t collapse before I’m done shaving. The soap seems reasonable indifferent as to the brush I’m using, even if I find I have to load a soft brush for longer than a stiff brush – that probably holds true for all hard soaps though.

I have come to expect that glycerin soaps don’t give as much moisture to the skin as tallow based soaps do, and Col Conk is no exception to that rule – use of a moisturizing aftershave afterwards is a must for me, even if your mileage may vary on that. As several of you already knows, my aftershave of preference is Krampert’s finest – and after using Col Conk’s Bay Run what better way to round off the shave than some of Krampert’s bay rum?

Overall I can recommend Col Cok if you’re in the marked for a glycerin based soap that gives a smooth shave – but look to the tallow based soaps if you’re after something that don’t leave your skin feeling dry afterwards.

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