Quick review: Proraso eucalyptus and menthol soap

The Proraso in the green tub was one of the first soaps I bought after getting into traditional wetshaving, and still one of my fall backs if nothing else appeal to me in the morning.

The Proraso eucalyptus and menthol soap makes a great lather which not only cushions great but stays fluffy for quite a long time, which is good if you like me sometimes spends a bit of time fuzzing over which razor to use. It also smells good, which is always a good thing.

It can be a little picky about the brush – I seem to get the best result using a short lofted brush with lots of backbone. YMMV off course, but when I’m using a soft brush on this soap loading seems to take forever.

Overall a good soft soap that I can recommend to anyone who likes menthol in the morning.

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