Shave of the day 25th June

Pre-shave: Dr Bronner’s Magic Soap, peppermint
Lather: Arko Shave Stick
Brush: Turkish No7
Razors: YUMA with a fresh “Shark” blade
Post-shave: Alum block and Krampert’s Finest EXPERIMENTAL Menthol

Going almost all the way Turkish today – the YUMA is a cheap and cheerful razor made from pot metal (aka whatever fell into the pot). The shave was surprisingly good considering the harshness implement – my first impression is that the YUMA is NOT a mild razor at all.
I’ve also been lucky enough to be be beta testing a new aftershave – and it is just as good as Kramper’s Finest bay Rum, except it isn’t bay rum. Nice and mentholly scent, not too strong, not too weak – and cooling too. I think I have found my aftershave for summer.
Overall a DFS.

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