Quick Review: Nivea Mild Shaving Cream

Since I’m on the go, it makes sense to review a few of the things in my GoBag…

I received a tube of Nivea Mild a little while ago as part of a generous PIF, but have been too busy with my other soaps to take time to try it. Since it’s in a tube, I decided to put it in my GoBag before I went this time around, and I don’t regret it.

It lathers easily enough with the help of a brush, and I suspect it’ll lather up okay even if you shave brushless. It provides a decent glide and cushion, although not quite up there with some of my better soaps – still more than acceptable though, and heads and shoulders over any canned goo you can think of. According to the label it should “pflegt & entspannt” – that’s “nourishes and relaxes” for those who’s German is a bit rusty – and it certainly feels good on the skin.

The scent is faint and lemony, but reminds me a little bit of air freshener… it’s not a bad smell, but since I’m mostly using hand made and somewhat high end soaps at home I’m a bit spoiled. As much as it galls me to say so, the Nivea Mild smells of of fake scent. If you can live with that is up to you – I don’t have a problem with it while I’m travelling at least, but it would put the cream out of the rotation if I was in my nook.

Overall, if you want cream in a tube and don’t mind manufactured scents – as opposed to natural ones – I can recommend the Nivea Mild.

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