Quick review: Aubrey Men’s Stock North Woods Aftershave

Still on the go, so still reviewing stuff in my GoBag:

From some source or other my Better Half received a small sample bottle of Aubrey Men’s Stock North Woods aftershave. The sample was of a decent size, so it went in my GoBag. Having used it for two weeks straight, the sample is now all but gone… and no real loss there.

It smells good; a light but masculine smell that lingers just long enough to remind me of the evergreen forests I grew up near. However, smelling good is all it does… it don’t seal any nicks, and it don’t moisturise my skin. On the contrary it dries my skin out even more; this is pretty much alcohol with a bit of scents thrown in.

If you want an aftershave that smells nice and nothing more, you could do worse than checking out the Aubrey Men’s Stock North Woods aftershave. If you – like me – has grown used to aftershaves that do more than just smell nice, I recommend steering clear of this – which is a shame since I like the scent.

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