Quick Review: Arko Cool Mint shaving cream

Part of my last haul from my favourite Turkish webshop was a tube of Arko Cool Mint cream, so I decided to try it out using my Turkish No6 brush and the Turkish fairy tale bowl.

The lather was a little dry at first but adding a little extra water fixed that well enough, resulting in copious amounts of rich, creamy lather which lasted – no collapse in seconds like I’ve seen with certain other products.

Good cushion and smooth slide made for a good shave. So on that side of the board the Arko Cool Ice gets full score. On the other hand, the scent wasn’t particularly strong, nor was the cooling effect that great. Better than nothing, but nothing to shout from the mountain tops about.

Overall I can recommend this cream is you’re looking for something in a tube that gives a good shave.

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