Lots of loot

I’swung by home the last weekend, just in time to get a box from Turkey at the post office.

Lots of fun stuff here. First out, the bowl that one of the guys on my favourite shave forum referred to as a fairy tale shave bowl. It’s quite nice, even more so when the price is taken into consideration:

I made sure to pick up a Arko shaving cream – I haven’t tried it before, and this one is mentholated… I like menthol:

Then it’s the great unknown: one of the cheapest razors I’ve come across so far. I opted for the boxed version, which brought up the price by 50% – and it was still under 3 USD! Almost scared to try it… but also oh so tempted. Gents, let me present the YUMA! Notice the hollow handle, the paper-thin head and the “who knows what fell into the pot” zinc alloy;

Next up a quality razor from Egypt – or at least more expensive than the yuma. Still cheap and hopefully cheerful, the Racer Razor – which I seriously am considering as part of a starter kit I’m planning to put together:

And last, but not least, the neck duster I told my Better Half was the reason for the whole order – so she can get all the little crumbs off my neck and shoulders when she buzzes my head.

It’s like having an impromptu little Christmas!

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